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Odor Control

Odor Control Tips: Odors in restrooms fall into two categories: unavoidable transient odors that can only be controlled by air freshening/deodorant systems and residual odors that originate from concentrations of odorous proteins, especially those found in grout, walls, floors, around toilets and urinals. For transient odor problems, an automated system that regularly refreshes the air…

Recycling Tips - Commercial Cleaning Los Angeles & Orange County

Recycling Tips

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Divert waste from the landfill by instituting a recycling program complete with the appropriate recycling containers to hold divertible items such as paper, plastic, glass, light bulbs, batteries and compostables.

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Resilient Floor Care

Floor Care Tips – Proper maintenance of resilient floors with floor finish or sealer protects the floor surface from deterioration. The resulting clean, shiny floors also project a positive image for your facility.   Maintaining resilient floors is a continuous cycle of the four different procedures shown above. Since stripping is the most costly method…