cleaning offices

FAQs On Cleaning Offices

Cleaning offices can be very tiring and tedious, which is why it’s practical to leave it to office cleaning experts. Commercial cleaning services for your workplace are a good investment. If you’re still thinking twice about it, we invite you to go through the frequently asked questions on cleaning offices below to familiarize yourself with…

sustainable cleaning

What is Sustainable Cleaning?

Nowadays, the word ‘sustainability’ has become a popular buzzword in the cleaning industry. Still, it is much more than that. Sustainable cleaning is not yet widely understood, but it is a practice that is gaining traction. This is because of the effort to reduce carbon emissions and environmental damage by many economies worldwide. Corporations, companies,…

commercial cleaning tips

Commercial Cleaning Tips in 2022

Imagine walking along the corridors of building A. Then an irresistible fragrance of daffodils permeates the air. Every nook and cranny has been disinfected. No litter is visible. Each item has its proper place. Here, commercial cleaning tips are prominent in stockroom and maintenance areas.  Across the street lies building B. The old and dilapidating…

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance for Office Floors

Preventive maintenance is a crucial aspect of every business, big or small. Over time, structures will deteriorate and show signs of damage. For example, if not maintained properly, an office building will show more serious damages than those maintained regularly. What is Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance refers to a proactive maintenance strategy. It involves regular…