cleaning robots

Are Cleaning Robots the Future?

Inventors designed cleaning robots to complement human labor. These gizmos can do almost anything – from floor cleaning to window cleaning – at unbelievable speeds. Robots also eliminate the need to put a window washer at risk when hanging from a skyscraper. By taking care of repetitive tasks, robots allow workers to focus on thought-intensive…

window cleaning

New Trends in Window Cleaning in 2019

Demand for window cleaning services is on the rise as more high-rise buildings go up the SoCal skyline. This trend is expected to pick in 2019 and beyond. With so much competition among businesses, window maintenance is now more important than ever for commercial establishments. Whether you own an office block or residential complex, you…

floor waxing

What is Floor Waxing?

Floor waxing is a common method done in many commercial spaces. Many businesses hire maintenance services regularly to take care of their floors. This is because your building floor is the most prone to wear and tear. For commercial spaces, a lot of people walk in and out of the establishment each day. Floors even…