hiring commercial cleaners

Guide to Hiring Commercial Cleaners 2021

Maintaining a clean establishment in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino is tantamount to keeping a healthy environment for your customers, employees, and tenants. But, hiring commercial cleaners can be a challenge for business and building owners like yourself. Good thing there are many commercial cleaners on the market today, so you don’t have…

office pests

How to Manage Office Pests

Office pests can be a hurdle that can affect your business’ overall appearance. Even though your company offers services and performs well, having an office with tiny insects or pests around may still affect your image as a business owner. Dealing with these office intruders can be solved by general maintenance; otherwise, it can also…

office e-waste

Dealing with Office E-Waste

You probably are a pro when it comes to recycling office waste. You know how to segregate materials like cans, plastic bottles, printer paper, and old newspapers. But what about old computers, printers, and other electronics? Referred to as office electronic waste or e-waste, these materials need special handling. What’s the Problem with E-Waste? You…

commercial electrical problems

Most Common Commercial Electrical Problems a Handyman Can Resolve

Commercial electrical problems are among the trickiest problems a company or property manager can encounter. Due to complex wiring and electrical systems, fixing them without the knowledge and experience could cause you additional issues and expenses.  A considerable amount of electricity keeps a business building running, especially if your services invite customers to visit your…