Give us the opportunity to provide you with outstanding service. We have been serving the
maintenance needs of industry-leading companies throughout Southern California since 1997.

Core Services

  • Cleaning & Vacuuming Office Spaces
  • Clean, Mop and Sanitize Restrooms and Break Rooms
  • Clean Refrigerators and Microwaves
  • Empty Waste Paper Baskets
  • Dust Desks, File Cabinets, Blinds and Window Sills

Additional Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping and Waxing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Handyman Services
  • Pressure Washing
  • Restroom Supplies
  • Day Porter and Day Matron

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Specializing in Commercial Cleaning Services and Facility Care Solutions for All of Los Angeles & Orange County

From commercial cleaning services to floor waxing to handyman services, Prestige does it all! Why hire several janitorial services companies when Prestige can manage all your office cleaning needs? For years we have provided janitorial services to businesses of all sizes throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Our janitorial services have a reputation of outstanding quality. Try and see for yourself. Read more.

For over 15 years we have provided high quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services for businesses of all sizes. Property management firms, facility managers and building owners in commercial, institutional and industrial markets trust Prestige for their most demanding commercial cleaning and janitorial jobs. Read more.

“Very pleased with the service I receive from Prestige Property Services. They are extremely quick and responsive to any requests I may have of them. They always check in to see how the crew is working for us which is truly appreciated.”

Lew Gordon
Director, Human Resources
Taisei Construction Corporation

Prestige Is:

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Top Commercial Cleaning Services in LA & OC

Looking for the best janitorial services and office cleaning in Los Angeles or Orange County? Prestige does it all!

Is your company office suffering from dusty surfaces, dirt-tracked floors, and a perpetually dark atmosphere? The services of an in-house janitor may not be up to the standards you need. For your office janitorial needs, you have to invest in a top quality Anaheim Commercial Cleaning Service.

The Need for High Quality Cleaning in LA & OC

Los Angeles, from Orange County to the surrounding areas, is a hotbed of competition. Companies are fighting neck and neck to stay on top. It’s not just about delivering great products and services, it’s also about branding and professionalism.

Your identity as a company is in details. When it comes to presenting the company to stakeholders, both the customers and employees matter. Dusty surfaces, dirt-tracked floors and a dark atmosphere sends the wrong impression to your high-profile clients in LA & OC. An unkempt desk can make it more difficult to close a deal.

The cleanliness of your office building also impacts the morale and productivity of your employees. Build up of grime can also lead to serious safety hazards in the form of uneven floors and dusty ventilation.

For a company to stay on top, every aspect of the business needs to be high quality. That includes building maintenance services. You can’t rely on an amateur crew to protect and enhance your image as a company. With a high quality Anaheim commercial cleaning service, you stand to gain from a stronger professional brand and a healthier working environment.

What Makes a Top Commercial Cleaning Service

A high quality commercial cleaning service should be able to provide the following services:

  • Office cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Floor waxing
  • Floor stripping and sealing
  • Window cleaning
  • Porter service
  • Handyman service
  • Yard Maintenance

Here at Prestige, we offer all of these building maintenance services and more. What sets us apart as a top commercial cleaning service in LA & OC is our special attention to detail. Aside from having the training to do all of these maintenance and handyman work, our professional cleaning crews also know how to spot even the tiniest details. We dedicate our resources, expertise and time to get it right.

On top of the service and the brand of customer care, a top commercial cleaning service also has history and trust behind it. Prestige Property Services has a long history of meeting the needs of corporate executives, medical offices, and other company properties in Los Angeles and Orange County. We add a personal touch to our service, and that’s why we’ve established long-lasting relationships with our client companies.

Invest on a Top Commercial Cleaning Service

Relying on the work of in-house janitors or low quality Anaheim commercial cleaning services is a recipe for disaster. You’ll be spending money on the services of a cleaning crew that doesn’t deliver in terms of results. It’s essentially a drain on your money.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a top floor waxing company, and then a top handyman service company, and so on. Why hire multiple janitorial services when you can invest in a top commercial cleaning service that does it all?

You can consider the Prestige Property Services as a form of investment with clear returns. Located in the heart of Anaheim, we’ve been a leader in the cleaning industry in LA & OC in terms of quality and customer care.

Your investment comes with a service that’s meticulous, high quality, and even tailored to your needs. We can adjust our cleaning services depending on your company’s schedule and preferences, whether that’s daily, weekly, or monthly services. We also offer one-time cleaning, including large corporate functions and events. However, even our one-time cleaning services is just the first step in a long-term relationship.

Top Anaheim Commercial Cleaning Service by Prestige

Prestige Property Services is the high quality professional cleaning crew that you’ve been looking for. Our competent and dedicated cleaning crews are experienced in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor waxing, stripping and sealing, handyman, porter and yard services, office cleaning, and general maintenance services. You can have your office cleaner and more vibrant anytime you need.

We personalize our brand of care and cleaning. Our on-site consultation service guarantees that we give you the cleaning service that you need to impress your guests and to boost company morale. Our dedicated professionals are ready to use their expertise to know what cleaning services are needed to strengthen your professional image.

We build relationships. A consultation with us is the start of a long-term partnership to better your space. Over the years, Prestige Property Services prides itself in being reliable and quick to respond to concerns and questions. We personally make sure that our commercial cleaning crew is working to the highest standards possible. Our dedication to high quality cleaning and personalized service is an asset you need to invest on.

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Why Choose Prestige for Your Commercial Cleaning Services?

Prestige Offers the Best Customer Service


Your company deserves nothing but the best service possible across LA and OC. When it comes to high quality Anaheim commercial cleaning service companies, Prestige Property Services leads the pack. With a total package of cleaning and maintenance services, professional cleaning crews, and personalized customer care, you won’t find anyone better.

Since 1997, Prestige Property Services has been the first choice of many corporations in south California. When it comes down to choosing the best commercial cleaning service for your business, Prestige checks all the boxes in terms of services offered, quality, reliability, and attitude.

Prestige Offers Complete Cleaning and Maintenance Services

A yellow "caution wet floor" sign stands on top of a beautifully mopped tile floor in a commercial building in Orange County. The floor was just recently maintained by Prestige Property Services and their commercial cleaning services team.

Prestige Commercial Cleaning Services – Delivering the Best Results

Imagine choosing a commercial cleaning service that doesn’t meet all of your needs. What’s the point in that? However, that’s the costly mistake many companies in LA & OC make. They hire one company to deal with the basic office cleaning, another company to do the regular floor waxing or floor stripping, and another company to conduct the yearly carpet shampooing. The upkeep of your office space becomes a mess of coordination, logistics and money.

Prestige Property Services has a large pool of trained cleaning crews ready to take on the challenges of building maintenance and office cleaning. The services we offer include office and window cleaning, floor waxing, floor stripping and sealing, carpet shampooing, handyman services and repair work.

Depending on your company’s needs and schedule, our cleaning crews can come in daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly for specific jobs. We also do one-time cleaning for different events and functions. At the end of the day, you also get the benefit of a company that builds long-term familiarity with your preferences, schedule, and physical office space.

We provide the high quality services you need to keep your office clean, your clients impressed, and your employees healthy. If you’re in search of a company that can do it all, choose Prestige.

Cleaning is not only what we do, but it’s what we love to do. It’s our passion and our livelihood. We don’t make our money by locking our clients into long-term contracts and then under delivering. We’re successful because our clients insist on renewing their contracts with us and referring us to their friends and colleagues based on the exceptional work we do time and time again. If you’re looking to switch your commercial cleaning service to a new company that’s more reliable and more committed to delivering results, look no further. Call us right now and let’s talk about your needs: 714-224-0301. Or get a free consultation today.

Prestige Delivers the Best Results from Anaheim

One of Prestige Commercial Cleaning Services team members wearing a blue jumpsuit, standing behind a window and cleaning the window glass with a squeegee. Making it look crystal clear for one of our valued customers!

Window Cleaning, Floor Maintenance, Day Porter Service, & Commercial Cleaning Services

It’s all about the track record. Located in the heart of Anaheim, Prestige Property Services has established itself as a leader in providing high quality commercial cleaning services to companies in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Over the years, Prestige has built a business based on unparalleled service quality and customer care. We have the resources and expertise needed to make your office or building property as clean as you need it to be. Our goal is to provide the best possible results given your individual needs and budget.

Our motto of excellence carries over from the smallest office space to skyscrapers in the heart of LA. We make sure to bring our reliable attention to detail to any job we do, whether that’s large scale building maintenance or weekly office cleaning.

We know we’ll deliver the best results possible because our motivation comes from our passion and livelihood. It’s not a matter of securing the next cleaning contract just to earn money from clients. We love to improve the business of others through cleaner facilities and healthier environments. This is a type of commitment you won’t find in fast-paced start-ups.

Our history of success is a combination of training, attitude and passion. Because of our reliability and high performance, our customers keep coming back and referring our company to others. Let’s build future success together.

Prestige Provides Service with a Heart

A Prestige Property Service team member wearing his standard commercial cleaning services blue jumpsuit, sweeping the floor of an office building.

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services by Prestige Property Services

Cleaning is an important yet often invisible part of a business’ long-term growth and health. Because of its importance to the growth and health of your business, we make sure to provide our services with utmost care.


High quality and comprehensive commercial cleaning services aren’t enough. They should also be affordable, understanding and friendly. The right kind of attitude adds incredible value to the relationship between service provider and client.


Here at Prestige, we treat each customer with the respect and priority they deserve. Our client-focused commercial cleaning services enabled us to nurture long-term relationships with most of our clients.

A smart business that knows its own worth will choose a company that goes the extra mile to provide comfort, assurance and reliability. Put your trust in Prestige Property Services.

Prestige Offers Convenience at Great Value

Here in Prestige, we don’t cut corners. We are definitely the most value-adding and cost-effective option for most companies, compared to other lower quality Anaheim commercial cleaning services and in-house janitorial work. However, it doesn’t mean that we charge too much or shortchange our customers. We deliver convenience at great value.

Convenience means having peace of mind when it comes to the cleanliness, maintenance and repair of your office space. You won’t have to worry about finding a person to do the job, because we provide a wide variety of services right when you need it.

We can set up a regular weekly cleaning service for general office maintenance. Our professional crew is also just one fast call away for emergencies and one-time work such as electrical fixes, plumbing, and general repairs.

Our team also makes planning easy for you. We work with you to create a cleaning and maintenance schedule that fits your business priorities, office space, and budget.

Convenience ultimately means having a one-stop shop for all your maintenance needs. Among all Anaheim commercial cleaning services, Prestige delivers the best and most comprehensive services.

Ask us for a fast and accurate estimate through our contact form or number at (714) 224-0301.

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